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Site In Review:

Brief Description:
French Truckers is a blog about fashion, beatury, health and seduction for MEN. This site covers everything in the fashion world for men and does it like the french site “Comme un camion”. Read on for more..

This site is the english version of a famous french site that i named up top. The site basically is a shopping blog, beauty blog, and mens magazine all in one. The site is famous for its “french” look and feel with a splash of “flair”.

The Site’s Design

The site is actually what you would expext from a blog, you do have ads from places like google, ebay, and amazon. But from a blog like this i would expect nothing less. The site is minimal and does have that “flair” that is unique to the french.

My Thoughts

Well now, what can i say i actually stumbled this site and decided it is one unique way to get yourself out there in the world. I am for the most part not a reader of this site, but it is something i like to scroll through on occasion. If you are into the “french flair” then i would suggest you check this site out because it is a very fun site to get into and you may end up being a friend for life.

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